Stroller Hooks A Great Hanger For Diaper Bags

Introducing An EASY Way To Hang Your
Diaper Bag on Strollers & Shopping Carts

(Take Advantage Of Our Introductory Price)

These stroller hooks are perfect for when you need an extra pair of hands!

*Commercial strength velcro can handle heavy items without pulling apart!
*Adjustable straps accommodate make it easy to use on strollers, carseats, shopping carts, etc.
*Hooks swivel back and forth and rotate 360°, making it possible to be used both vertically and horizontally.
*More stable than clips and easier to use because you don't have to open to hang items.

These stroller hooks will hold your diaper bag, purse, shopping bags, toys, and more. It's like a 3rd hand
when you've got too many items to hold. The hook allows you to slip items on/off with only one hand.
They hold your bag close to the stroller so the bag does not hit the wheels or ground. Each hook is super easy
to attach with a commercial strength velcro strap that will fit any bar and will not slide around. You will wonder
how you ever strolled without them.

PLEASE NOTE: The hooks are strong enough to hold heavy items but it could cause tipping when used in lightweight strollers.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our stroller hooks. If the hooks ever
break just return them for a new set. No questions asked!

Buy 2 sets so you can keep one on the stroller and one in the car to use on shopping carts. more

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