Stroller Buggy Pushchair Replacement Handle Grips EXTRA WIDE

Finally - a replacement handlebar grip for your stroller!For all you mums and dads who have there perfect stroller but the foam handles are starting to look tatty, ripping at the sides or are just worn out, then look no further.Are your grips worn, torn or simply not there anymore?Easy Grips has the easiest and best solution for you! Our replacement stroller and pushchair grips are made of NPVC also known as NBR or Nitrile. This is an all round great performing material. Nitrile rubber is very durable and our NPVC foam is made with antidegradants that are used to improve the resistance to the effects of ozone and UV light. Very easy to replace, simple instructions will be provided with your purchase.Choose from 3 different sizes to fit your stroller perfectly.PLEASE MEASURE BEFORE ORDERING NO REFUNDS ISSUED.Size -SMALL TO FIT - Hauck sport stroller, slim Maclaren, slim chicco,Maclaren quest, and many moreSize -MEDIUM TO FIT - u - move by mothercare, Chicco lite way,Maclaren volo,Limited Edition Kate Spade Maclaren,koochi,mamas & papas,Standard happy days pushchair and many more.NEW !!!!!Size - Extra WIDE - TO FIT MACLAREN TECHNO XT more

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