Stokke Xplory Carrycot Complete Kit Purple

At Stokke, we are committed to putting children first. Our products are designed and constructed specifically to encourage child development and to strengthen the bonds between parents and children in those crucial early weeks, months and years. We believe it is in a child's best interests to be as close as possible to his or her parents, and to be placed in an environment of genuine safety and security, free to learn and to grow. Our products are innovative, sustainable and childcentred, providing smart solutions for your baby's needs and fitting easily into your home and life. Stokke products are designed to grow with your child.Shell frame is made in Europe from automotive grade polymer. The Carry Cot comes with handles fastened to the shell. The Carry Cot does not come with the hood. The hood is included in the purchase of Xplory. If purchasing the Carry Cot separtely the hood needs to purchased. more

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