Lightweight strollers

Strollers have become very lightweight lately, which is a great thing really. Combined with an umbrella stroller-type frame, these you can fold tight into your car’s trunk or in the corner of a closet, making it very convenient for transportation or storage. Lightweight has been accomplished by making use of modern materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber in extreme cases. Whatever the case, lightweight strollers are definitely on high demand currently, so their prices keep dropping all the time. If you are after lightweight and durable strollers, be prepared to pay from $200 up to even $500. It is possible to find some products below this price range made by new manufacturers in the business, but these usually do not carry proper certificates, depending on where you have bought them. This does not necessarily need to indicate that the product is unsafe, but the manufacturer has not taken effort getting everything tested and sorted out with certification agencies. It is recommended to get a certified set of strollers, but the choice is really up to you and your financial options.

How are lightweight strollers made?

Like many things in our lives that are marketed as “lightweight”, extra effort has been put into making such products as lightweight as possible. As usual, we tend to seek out for ideas and inspiration from animals and generally, the nature. For lightweight strollers, the shell and the core is made in such a way to be just rigid enough to do the job. This can be accomplished by carefully engineering the pipes, holders and other weight carrying parts so that everything is optimized and engineered in the most appropriate way. Usually the bottom plate tends to carry most of the weight, since all of the pipes have a mounting point somewhere on that plate. In the most expensive strollers, this plate is made out of carbon fiber, which is currently the best material to be used for lightweight applications, but it is quite expensive.

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Benefits of lightweight strollers

There really isn’t a lot to talk about when it comes to benefits of owning lightweight strollers vs. regular. The weight difference is significant, meaning you can handle them with a lot more precision and convenience. Also, this kind of strollers are known to be able to be packed up more neatly, which is also something to keep an eye on, since the overall dimensions of the strollers when packed are crucial.

Purchasing lightweight strollers

I recommend you to take a look at some local shops that keep lightweight strollers in their storage rooms for selling to make real judgments over the dimensions as well as the overall weight of the package only be checking out the product data sheet. You can also purchase these online, that way you can check many different places and price points in no time from the comfort of your home.

It is also highly recommended to visits general purpose forums where there are always discussions related to such topics. This makes it possible for you to meet new people and improve your parenting life in general.

2 Responses to “Lightweight strollers”

  1. Wesley Matthews says:

    I am interested in a stroller that I can connect to the back of my tractor, so I when I have to baby sit I can always cut the grass at the same time or in the winter plow snow.

    I also like to ride 4wheelers so the stroller would also need to attach to the 4wheeler hitch. I would prefer the stroller to have large wheels since I often need to drive through deep mud. A camouflage design would also be nice for hunting season. It would also be nice to have the ability to store a cooler that holds a six pack of beer.

    Do you know where I can get a stroller like this?

    • admin says:

      Only in Texas! That’s the ultimate Red Neck Baby Mobile and you can get it with an optional Bazooka and AK47 holder.

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