Jeep Liberty Sport X AllTerrain Stroller Spark JL056-XSA1

Get ready to conquer all types of terrain with the Jeep Liberty Stroller JL056-XSA1. With front swivel wheels, this stroller from Jeep Baby makes maneuvering anywhere easy and fun. Whether you're on a urban street, a suburban sidewalk or in the mall, this Jeep stroller is going to conquer all.

The Music on The Move function allows parents and children to listen to all types of music from The Wiggles to Bon Jovi. Entertainment will certainly not be at a premium with this stroller from Jeep baby. Setting up the music function is easy as parents need simply to hook up a CD, iPod or MP3 player and get ready to rock out all walk long. Walking around the neighborhood will never be the same with this Jeep baby stroller.

For a smooth, go-anywhere ride, the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller offers durable, inflatable tires that can easily navigate rough, bumpy surfaces. Designed to keep baby entertained throughout the ride, the stroller is equipped with a toy steering wheel and the iBaby sound system that allows you to plug in your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player for fun tunes. Parents and caregivers will appreciate features like easy steering, a convenient parent tray, and the simple, one-handed fold design. more

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