Heaven’s Bliss Baby Bottles Sippy Cup Holder Yellow

MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER! Mom invented. Prevents your child's sippy cup, bottle, toy and more from falling to the floor! Great germ prevention and on the go! It has a special velcro grip material which creates a strong hold on any cup or bottle and its unique design allows you to adjust the length to accommodate any height car seat, stroller, and high chair that you attach it to. Now you can get a grip and never lose or have to chase fallen toys or drinks again! One side of the loop attaches to a crib rail, stroller, car seat, high chair, grocery cart or any other stationary device, while the other loop fastens securely to the object that you want to prevent from falling. Fast and easy for on the go parents! 2-PACK saves you money so you can get one for your car seat, stroller, high chair, crib rail, diaper bag and more. Just click the Add-to-Cart button at the top of the page for an Easier Life! MANUFACTURER LIFETIME GUARANTEE. ....read more

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