Deluxe Stroller Organizer Bag Black Universal Handlebar Fit

Benefits of the kiddo collection Deluxe Stroller Organizer

Deluxe neutral design makes this the only stroller organizer you will ever need.

-Gender neutral for when your family grows

-Black neutral color matches any stroller

-Fits almost all single width strollers (Front and Back Double Strollers included!) and double strollers with the 3 handlebar or split handlebar design

-Premium material is designed to be tear resistant by using a small checkered pattern making it more durable

Won't tip over your stroller like your big bulky diaper bag will. Protect your stroller investment with this smaller version of your diaper bag. Leave the over-sized diaper bag at home or in the car.


-Fits all of your immediate necessities

You will not need to remove the kiddo collection Stroller Organizer between uses. This will get you out of the house quicker as it will always be ready to go.

-Stroller organizer collapses to less than 1 when not in use

-Internal metal ring makes it sturdy and gives it structure but allows it to be compressed as well

-Stroller with organizer attached will fit in most travel/ gate check bags.

Will this fit MY Stroller?

Please measure the distance between the handles of your stroller. Is this distance is between 13 and 21? If so, this organizer should securely fit your stroller.

Click Add to Cart without any hesitation as it is backed by a 100% LIFETIME Manufacturer Guarantee by Sophie's Favorite Things. more

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